We say “No” to 9 so we can say “Yes” to 1.

School Plus is not for everyone. It is vital we work with only certain students. We review every application carefully to match the speeds of our classes. Your child might not be offered a place but we will give you a complete Learner Report. This report has personalised tips to help your child’s exams.

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Fewer Students, but Better Results.

School Plus is the only place that uses technology to personalise your child’s learning. With more than 1,000,000 questions completed, we know how to help your child improve swiftly in exams with a moderate use of our software. Hence, we want students who are comfortable with technology. In our 3-stage selection, we offer places to only 12% of all applicants. However, the result is amazing – 81.72% of our students improve within 3 months.

Start to improve your child’s learning now. We review every application to find suitable students. If your child is selected, we will invite you for a session. It will be an experience to learn how personalised lessons can help your child improve.

This stage has 3 parts; a Diagnostic Test, Assessment Lesson and Parent Interview.

You learn about your child’s weak concepts when they complete a Diagnostic Test in our Assessment Lesson where they experience the technologies we have and how we help to improve results. While your child is learning, we discuss your challenges and aspirations in a Parent Interview. After the lesson, our teachers share with you, their observations on your child’s learning style, preference, strengths and weaknesses. By the end of Stage 2, you will receive a Learner Report with recommendations on how to help your child learn effectively.

Our Admission Team discusses all applicants to determine if they match the profiles of our existing classes. Those who are good matches will receive a Letter of Admission. Once accepted, your child will start learning according to a customised progress plan we compiled with information from Stage 2.

This plan includes weekly activities to help your child excel in their next school assessment. For rejected students, it is not a dismissal of their academic ability or promise, but a reflection of the keen competition among the applicants for the limited places in our classes.

Give your child the best guidance.

Our first-class team of educators, technologists and administrators is working together to build a technology-driven school that offers a new and personalized experience.

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