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The subject whose importance
can never be understated.

Our English language educators focus on critical skills and competencies.
Maximising your child’s potential in English, is our aim.

The School Plus English Program

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Yes, grammar matters because it
is the backbone of learning
English. Our focus on grammar
facilitates precision in expression
and the removal of ambiguity.
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Using the wrong vocabulary is easily noticeable, and has
the ability to change the meaning of your child’s text.
With our variety of vocabulary exercises, students will be
able to build their own word bank. Emphasising the
meanings of challenging words based on different
contexts/situations is our key focus area.
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Detailed dissection and analysis of the
comprehension passage is taught. Challenging
words and phrases are isolated and explained.
Your child will be equipped to infer and answer
questions optimally.
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Creative Writing
Your child will learn engaging ways to write
effectively. Using appropriate register and tone
will be emphasised. They will also be able to
organise ideas with extensive vocabulary and
appropriate sentence structures.

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