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Practise. Smartly.

Practise. Smartly.

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We are so excited by all the interest in Geniebook.

We are so excited by all the interest in Geniebook.

Demand for Geniebook has been incredible, especially after our feature on The Straits' Times. In order to experience an amazing learning experience, you will need an account. If you have already registered, you can login here. If you have not, you can key in your email below to get started.


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Personalised Learning Plan

After the student completes the 3rd worksheet, the next step will be to create a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP is developed collaboratively by our experienced teachers, students and parents. It prioritise a set of learning objectives based on the topics which are assessed in the next test students are sitting for in their School. The PLP informs the student on activities they have to complete in a month.

Eliminate weaknesses intelligently

Time is precious. And practising unnecessary questions takes up a large part of it. Geniebook takes targeted practice to a whole new level by sorting questions based on concepts and not only topics like assessment books. So if a user get a question wrong, Geniebook generates more questions of the same concept to ensure they never make the same mistake again.

Learn with full explanations

Buying many assessment books can be expensive. And what you buy may not be what you really need for your examinations. Geniebook® has 50,000 questions with carefully worked-out solutions for each and every question so that you can finally learn, revise and master concepts — at home, at school or just about anywhere.

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Marked by Experienced Teachers

Teachers in our five schools mark the open-ended questions. They have taught thousands of students and are familiar with the mistakes. Apart from assigning questions using the Genie function, the teachers hand-pick questions to help students get on the optimal track to improve. These questions help students eliminate their weaknesses faster.

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