School+ and Geniebook. A Match made in Heaven.

Your child will have a premium account for Geniebook the public cannot get. They can strive for attractive and exclusive rewards. The rewards motivate our students to practise more and improve faster.

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Practise targeted weak concepts

Time is precious. And practicing irrelevant questions takes up a large part of it. That is where Geniebook comes in. Being the backbone of School Plus, Geniebook takes targeted practice to a whole new level. It sorts questions based on concepts and not just topics like assessment books. So when your child gets a question wrong, Geniebook generates more questions of the same concept. Students will never make the same mistake again.

Learn carefully worked-out solutions

Buying assessment books can be costly. And what you buy may not be what your child really need for exams. Geniebook has 50,000 questions so you can be sure that even their weakest concept, the one stopping them from getting that A* in exams, will be taken care of. Best of all, your child would never run out of questions to practice with. Our teachers carefully worked out solutions for each and every question so students can finally revise and master concepts — at home, at school or at just about anywhere.


Improve step by step

Questions in Geniebook have varying difficulties. To learn new concepts at the start, students may need basic questions. As they slowly grasp the concepts, they will require challenging questions to perfect understanding. No matter when and where, we are there for the students. Every step of the way.

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What parents say about Geniebook?

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“So glad that my boy signed up for Geniebook. He enjoys doing his work online and getting the teacher’s feedback without having to leave the house. Very responsive teachers”
– Cecilia Bok


“I like the specially designed worksheets from Geniebook for my child and he has a better understanding on the topics.”
– Kelly Lee


“As a parent, I like the concept of Geniebook. The questions are challenging and well-structured. I particularly like the fact that we can access it on iPad and iPhone. My kids can do revision on-the-go without having to lug assessment books all over the place. The automated self-marking and analysis of weak areas are very useful and time-saving features for me too.”
– Joanna See


“I personally love the well designed worksheets. Lots of challenging questions for self-learning and reinforcement. Can be done on iPad and fun for kids..”
– Cheng Liew


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