COVER-science hires


The subject that evokes curiosity
and hence knowledge.

A subject that requires language skill as well as logical thinking and analysis. In
School Plus our science teachers understand this. We focus on the key words and
fundamental concepts. We also help the students to develop problem-solving skills
required to explain certain situations. May it be MCQ or structured questions; we are
well equipped to ensure the success of your child in Science. How you may ask?

The School Plus Science Program

Utilise concept maps that serve
as visual representations of
the problem at hand.

Maximise absorption with intensive
classroom teaching of necessary
knowledge and content infused with
interaction and fun.

Identify common mistakes and
deficiencies such as incomplete
answers, lack of time etc.

Isolate mistakes, weaknesses and
deficiencies, and embark on intensive
practice via worksheets.

The above mentioned are proven methods.
What sets us apart from the rest?

Improve at Science Now
Our state-of-the-art e-platform.
A portal that will strengthen and enhance your child’s learning experience by way of:
1_science_updated (1)
Identifying questions that the
child is weak in. Addressing
these weaknesses with
solutions and explanations on
Geniebook and infusing this
with classroom teaching.
Personalising his/her learning as
Geniebook has the unique ability to
isolate areas which need further
Fortifying your child’s
strengths so that he/she
scores maximum marks
in questions he/she is
good in.

Most importantly, we create a personalised revision program for your child before
the exams to ensure he/she is adequately prepared. We believe a child’s learning is
optimised only when he/she enjoys the academic environment. School Plus believes
in going the extra mile for your child.

Personalise your child’s learning now

Experience customised learning that has helped thousands of students

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