School Plus educators are passionate about working with students. Many are current or ex-school teachers with years of experience. Having over 1,000 applications for 20 teaching posts last year, we are fortunate to hire some of the best educators in the country. In the past 10 years, we have created a process where we evaluate teachers in 5 main areas that align with our approach. The School Plus Teachers:


Impart content effectively to students with different learning styles

Your child is unique and learns differently from everyone else. In School Plus, they will improve at their greatest potentials because our educators personalise learning with a wealth of experience and our exclusive technologies. With the right guidance and tools, individual students with different learning profiles progress at their fastest paces.


Resolve all questions swiftly and accurately

Your child will always have their questions answered quickly and precisely as they will be learning from educators who have strong knowledge of the subject. Apart from clarifying doubts, students also master all key concepts needed to achieve excellent scores. During our hiring process, teachers are assessed by a written test compiled from the hardest questions using our records of more than 800,000+ attempts in Geniebook.


Coach students in answering questions with proven strategies and process skills

Our students improve because they acquire skills to identify common challenging exam problems using a large pool of questions in Geniebook. The record of attempts reveals patterns in the mistakes of students. Using the wealth of data, our educators will then demonstrate how to simplify the complex questions. Once the problems are broken down, students are taught proven strategies and process skills to solve them.


Work on meaningful activities throughout the lessons

We ensure students are always learning key concepts or solving questions which could be tested in their next school assessments, using our cutting-edge technologies. There is no time to waste. With only 2 hours a week, the lessons must add the most value to every student.


Use technology to enhance personalised teaching, not replace it

Students learn better with moderate use of technology in class. Our educators are able to focus on working closely with students because they can leave the complex tasks such as identifying weaknesses from thousands of attempts and generating intelligent questions, to our exclusive technologies. These tasks are very time-consuming for both teachers and students but yet, they are critical in achieving academic success. We believe technology can never replace human relationships or experiential, personalised learning. Instead, it is a tool to support the growth of each individual student.

Give your child the best guidance.

Our first-class team of educators, technologists and administrators is working together to build a technology-driven school that offers a new and personalized experience.

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