10 Questions in 10 Seconds – What We Do That Others Can’t

10 Questions in 10 Seconds - Geniebook

Forget heaps of assessment books. At School Plus we achieve better results with less time with Geniebook. We believe that personalised learning is a much more productive way to help our students reach their full potential, and our teachers and curriculum make use of Geniebook to achieve just that.

About Geniebook®

Geniebook is our exclusive in-house app that adapts to students’ individual abilities using a patent-pending algorithm. It can generate ten personalised questions in 10 seconds so that your child will be assigned work that matches his aptitude as opposed to assessment books that cater to a range of abilities. If your child performs poorly in certain topics, Geniebook will suggest foundational questions to strengthen their basics. Students who have already mastered the basics won’t be held back either. With a treasury of 60,000+ questions categorised into 3000+ concepts across seven levels of difficulties, there is always room for improvement.

Our Teachers

We don’t just leave your child’s learning to a robot. Our teachers use Geniebook® to identify trends in your child’s work, which helps to reveal problematic areas and process skills that require sharpening. With that knowledge, they work with your child to help them progress quickly. Our teachers will also find out which topics are in your child’s upcoming school test. These will be tracked with Geniebook so that whatever your child is learning is relevant. Should there be any changes to the tested topics, the lesson can be adapted with a few clicks.

Our Curriculum

The materials we use also support personalised learning. Our worksheets are similarly designed to single out your child’s weak areas. Questions are tagged with concepts and categorised by level of difficulty, so students only practise questions which are suitable for them. From the results of these worksheets, our teachers devise targeted practices for your child. The curriculum our teachers have formulated places a great emphasis on ensuring progress. We monitor your child’s progress based on three categories: Specialised Topics, Careless Mistakes and Undiscovered Weaknesses. Your child would advance through a series of milestones and attain goals in each of them.

At School Plus, personalised learning takes your child’s education to a new level. Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself here and challenge us to generate 10 Questions in 10 Seconds. 

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