Is there a better way to revise for SA2?

Revise with School Plus

What is the most beneficial activity right before the final year examinations?

Many parents may prescribe a good night’s rest and possibly some chicken essence in the morning. We find that on top of these time-tested strategies, revision of the mistakes a student has made throughout the year is a sure-fire way to help him be ready for exams. Reviewing questions and topics students have done well for will reinforce concepts. However, there is little time left before SA2 and this ‘window period’ is best spent on removing question-centric weaknesses. This focus ensures students not to commit the same errors and therefore, score better in exams.

The problems teachers face.

The problem many teachers, parents and students face with revision is to gather past questions students have erred on.

Let’s take School Plus for example. In our weekly lessons, we assign 1 – 3 worksheets and students generate some Genie Worksheets on their own. Our students would have worked on more than 80 assignments a year on average or around 1,200 questions. For teachers without Geniebook, their students might work on around 800 questions. With so many completed questions, a student who scores 80% on average will also produce 150 mistakes. These 150 mistakes will also scatter across many worksheets. It takes a tremendous amount of time to sieve through all worksheets. To make things worse, the increasing number of students in a class will add on to the already difficult situation.

What is the current solution?

Many parents and teachers have a folder system where every handout must be filed neatly into a subject folder. Students find it hard to revise well with the folder. They might miss out on concepts that they should revise on if they are less organised.   Teachers and tutors also find it a herculean task to retrieve those concepts from lost assignments. Even if the folders are complete, it will still take a considerable amount of time to flip through the numerous worksheets to study the mistakes. Moreover, teachers find it impossible to collate and verify all the errors of every student due to time constraints.

2 full folders on the white table in the office.

How does School Plus attempt to solve this problem?

A few years ago, we released a feature which allows students to revise faster – the Mistakes Page on Geniebook. It is essentially a page to display weaknesses in Geniebook committed by students. Students can then share questions and dismiss those they already know. Since they can now revisit their mistakes faster on their devices, countless students said the Mistake Page worked perfectly.

It did not. The more our team discussed, the more improvements we thought of. How do we get the students to read the mistakes? How do we reduce the revision time while enhancing the effects? How can we verify if students understand their mistakes?

Without answering these questions, we cannot have a complete revision method. Without a complete way to revise, we cannot optimise personalised learning to help students succeed. Our tech and teaching teams, therefore, decided to redevelop the Mistake Page from the ground up.

The product is Personalised Revision.


Why is our Personalised Revision so magical?

Personalised Revision is the upgraded version of the Mistake Page. This feature will not only help students eliminate mistakes quickly, but it also motivates and builds a habit in students to revise regularly. Every student has his individually tailored set of revisions.

  1. Progress steadily and efficiently

Each circle is a group of past mistakes made by students that can be completed within an hour. These errors are arranged based on recency, topics, strengths and weaknesses. This grouping promotes step-by-step revision.

progress steadily

  1. Improve swiftly with Genie Function

We not only want to show students their mistakes, but we also want students to practise related questions. Our students can eliminate weaknesses quickly by generating Genie Worksheet in a particular revision circle using the Genie Function.


  1. Revise with more motivation

There are bubbles students can win if they generate and complete a Genie Worksheet for a circle. They can then collect and redeem these bubbles for real gifts. Our students are excited over the popular gifts we stock regularly.


  1. Complete revision quickly

There is a deadline for winning bubbles for every circle which encourages students to finish the revision promptly.


  1. Review mistakes thoroughly

There is a list of mistakes in this circle. Students must read all mistakes before they generate a Genie Worksheet. The read-all-before-Genie requirement is to encourage students to consider all errors.


  1. Practise weaknesses on physical copies

In School Plus, our teachers have the additional function to print weekly personalised revisions so that students can also revise their mistakes using hard copies.

What is the next step?

These benefits allow students to prepare for exams faster and with greater efficiency. Personalised Revision also reduces the hassle and time spent by teachers and parents. So far, the feedback from initial users of Personalised Revision has been phenomenal. We firmly believe any student can take advantage of this enhanced way of revision to better oneself.

To find out more about how your child can benefit from Personalised Revision, contact us now.

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