Your child will master proven strategies and process skills from School+ educators who are passionate subject experts. Our educators expand students’ potentials with our high quality materials. Over the past 10 years, we have built a bank of high-quality questions, solutions, notes and other materials focusing on these 5 areas:


Crafted by authors and school teachers

Your child will have the latest materials designed by subject experts. These educators have first-hand updates from MOE of the questions and solutions. Some are authors of well-known titles. Others are current school teachers. Together, the writers and teachers help your child reach that A* with the newest materials.

Updated regularly and instantaneously

Your child will study the latest materials. Apart from the hard-copy assignments, they are also able to complete homework using Geniebook®. Geniebook is an online platform your child use to attempt newest questions and track their mistakes. Since we regularly update questions and solutions based on M.O.E. outline, your child is always working on the latest materials to improve in exams.

Prepared solutions for complete syllabi

Geniebook has 50,000+ questions for 7000+ concepts and various levels of difficulties. Be assured no matter which concept your child is weak in, even those stopping them from getting that A*, will be taken care of. With out carefully worked-out solutions, students can revise weak concepts — at home, at our schools or at just about anywhere.


Tailored assignments built on concepts students choose

Students progress at their own paces by learning from others in our class and working on smart questions. In Geniebook, the questions are tagged with concepts and difficulties. Students can have their own personalised practice for any situation. Imagine tomorrow; there is a math test on “Fractions”. So we add concepts from all “Fractions” topics to create a mock paper. And suddenly, we find out the topic “Improper Fraction” is not tested. That’s easy. We simply exclude that specific topic and form a whole new mock paper to give students the exact practice they need.

Personalised learning based on student levels

Your child will work on materials at their specific standards with Geniebook. It adapts instantly to students’ gaps and strengths using a patented algorithm. If some students have difficulties in certain topics, Geniebook will suggest basic questions to build their foundation. For students with highest abilities (HA), we keep the lesson challenging and useful. Our materials stretch them beyond best results by exposing the HA students with questions of the highest levels.

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