Developing Curiosity In Your Child

a sense of curiosity

Having a sense of curiosity is integral for your child to learn. Nurturing your child’s sense of curiosity will cultivate their desire to learn. Research has shown that a child’s curiosity motivates them to seek out new experiences and lead to greater success in school in the long run. (1)

Here are some ways to encourage your child to develop a sense of curiosity:

1. Answer their questions

When you are unsure of answers to their questions, try not to give your child vague answers like, “I don’t know” or “I am not very sure”. Instead, look up the answers together with your child and then engage them in a discussion. You can also further stimulate their thinking by asking them questions like, “What do you think?” or “Why is this a good answer?”. Questions as such would enhance your child’s comprehension and oratory skills.

2. Teach your child to be flexible thinkers

It is important to let your child know that there is no one right way to do things. Show them that there are multiple perspectives to the same issue and that there is nothing wrong in making mistakes. Making mistakes and learning from them enables your child to have the confidence to explore new things that they are curious about.

3. Teach your child to be observant

Being conscious of their surroundings is a start to developing your child’s curiosity. One way is to encourage them to observe things that they find interesting. Such encouragement will increase their interest and leads to them finding out more information. Games like “I Spy” can also help your child to be more observant and notice the small things around them.

Children are usually born with curiosity where they are continually being intrigued by the things around them. Hence, as a parent, it is essential that you should fully support them and encourage them to develop a sense of curiosity since young.


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