Developing Mental Health at Home

Developing Mental Health

It is every parent’s hope for their kids to be healthy. Health does not only include physical health. Mental health is also an essential part of one’s overall health. In our society, mental health tends to be neglected, as it is something that is less tangible. However, having sound mental health is much more important than what we perceive. Such is the case because it affects the way we feel about ourselves.

Developing good mental health for your kids result in better outcomes for them and the society. One with good mental health tends to have healthier behaviours, greater academic success and improved relationships. (1)

Here are some ways to develop good mental health for your kids at home:

Take a break

There are times where your kids might feel overwhelmed – it may be during the examinations period or when they are stuck with their assignments.  Feeling stressful is normal. However, it is essential for you to ensure that they take a break when things get a little stressful. One way for your kids to take a break may be to encourage them to do simple breathing exercises. Studies have shown that breathing exercises help one to relax. (2) Hence, by engaging in simple breathing exercises, your kids will be able to relieve some stress.


Showering your kids with praises at appropriate instances can help to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, always encourage your kids to take their first steps in exploring and learning new things. Assure them that it is okay to make mistakes and that the most important thing is to enjoy the learning process.


It is crucial for your kids to know that they have someone to talk to when they encounter challenges. Lend them a listening ear and a comforting shoulder. Try to put yourselves in their shoes and listen to them before offering advice. By listening to them, it gives your kids the feeling of being valued, which is very important to help develop good mental health.


Thus, parents play an essential role in developing good mental health for their kids. By offering consistent support for your kids at home, they will then develop good mental health, which gives them the resilience to bounce back in the face of adversity.




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