Fidget Spinners: Good or Bad For Your Child?

Fidget Spinners: Good or Bad?

Fidget Spinners are the in thing. They are small enough to fit in your palm and you can wedge it between two fingers and spin it. It works on ball bearings, but just like the humble yo-yo its simple design enables you to do a variety of tricks.

Those behind the Fidget Spinner idea benefit from enhancing focus to reducing ‘nervous energy’ of restless kids. This may come in handy if your child faces challenges in concentrating or suffers from ADHD. The theory is that the Fidget Spinner keeps one occupied in a way that is far less distracting than other games. In a sense, it is an outlet for excess energy. Fidget Spinners may also provide a pleasant sensory stimulation that induces a calming effect. However, these claims don’t seem true for everybody. Reports that they disrupt learning have also surfaced. Even if they do work for your child, chances of it being promoted for use in classrooms remain slim.

In fact, there is a huge online controversy over the effectiveness of the innocent-looking Fidget Spinner as there is no concrete evidence on its actual effectiveness. Boon or bane, perhaps the best way is to get one yourself. There are also other methods that parents have employed to channelise their children’s hyperactive energy: allowing them to listen to music, doodle, sit on a stability ball or take healthy snacks. Finding the right way involves some experimentation.

In a recent article (, we covered several tips on boosting your child’s attention span and focus. Essentially, ensure that your child is well-rested and receives proper nutrition. He should also have a healthy outlet release  his energy through exercise and play. Good work practices like removing unnecessary distractions and dividing tasks into manageable portions are also helpful. In the long-term, keeping to a work schedule and building focus through various methods will prove beneficial.

Nonetheless, Fidget Spinners offer an opportunity for kids to huddle together for some harmless fun. As any fad, it would probably sizzle out as quickly as it erupted. But while it is still in fashion, it helps your child to engage in social play and forge bonds with his friends. That is precious enough to allow your child to own one.


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