Honours Student: Lau Yun Heng, Primary 4



Yun Heng is a gadget enthusiast who enjoys watching animations produced by Disney Pixar. The Primary 4 student’s favourite movie is Finding Dory. He also likes to play computer games and watch videos related to gaming on YouTube. Although he has the same interests like most of his peers, Yun Heng has his own learning methods.

“Mind mapping makes learning more fun and relatable.”

As a visual learner, he uses mind maps to revise. He applies the graphical learning method he learns at School Plus into his studies. This method has helped him to understand the subject better as he gets to have a visual representation of ideas and concepts.

“I prepare mind maps for different subjects and topics because they help me to understand and remember better. Mind mapping makes learning more fun and relatable,” says Yun Heng who aspires to become a pilot when he grows up.

This creative young man has attained 82% in his SA2.

One of his proudest achievements is the vast improvement in his Mathematics. This creative young man has attained 82 marks in his last year’s SA2.  In moving forward, he wants to be consistent in his work and aims to keep doing better in all the subjects in Primary 5.

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