Honours Student: Kimberly Goh, Secondary 3



15-year-old girl, Kimberly Goh who will be sitting for her O-Level next year, is inspired by her brother. The Secondary 3 student enjoys cycling with her siblings at the East Coast Park and also spends approximately 15 hours a week doing revision at home. One of her learning strategies is to prepare her own notes. This method has helped her recall information better. Most importantly, going through challenging sets of questions at School Plus and the teacher’s guidance on how to tackle them have helped her improve a lot.

“Ballet has always been my passion and I love it a lot.”

Just like her peers, Kimberly likes watching shows like Running Man in her free time. Besides that, she also loves ballet dancing. “Ballet has always been my passion and I love it a lot. However, my current priority is to do well for my O-Level examination. Hence, my plan is to focus on studies first,” says the dedicated 15-year-old who had enrolled at School Plus last year.

“School Plus has a more specific and deeper approach to topics.”

If she was given the chance to turn back time, Kimberly would have spent more time studying her most challenging subject: Science. She hopes to do well in that just like how she has improved in Math. She has scored 82% in her last Additional Mathematics examination, first in her class. “School Plus has a more specific and deeper approach to topics, unlike in schools where teachers go too fast giving just a general overview.” She highly recommends School Plus to students who would want to improve and become as motivated as her.

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