Honours Student: Nigel Tan, Primary 6



Nigel Tan is an active P6 student who enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, badminton and soccer. The 12-year old, whose ambition is to be a doctor, has never neglected his studies although he takes part in a lot of extracurricular activities. He constantly strikes a balance between his interest and responsibility.

He scored As in his Maths, Science and English for PSLE 2016.

His study methods include preparing notes and doing worksheets which have helped him improve his grades significantly. He scored As in his Math, Science and English for PSLE 2016. On top of spending twelve hours a week revising at home, Nigel also goes through challenging Math topics with his teacher, Mr Xavier, at School Plus where he works on his weak topics a few times in order to ensure he understands fully.

“My teachers have helped me to do well in my exams.”

“My teachers have helped me to do well in my exams. For English, Ms. Rashmi constantly comes up with different ways to help me remember vocabulary words that I could put to good use in the exam,” says Nigel.

Besides taking part in sports, Nigel also enjoys spending time with his friends. If he were given the chance to go anywhere, he would want to go to Japan to catch Pokemon with his friends.

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