How To Teach Your Kids To Spot Fake News

spot fake news

Fake news has increasingly been more prevalent in the digital age today. It is vital we start teaching our children the skills to differentiate between fake and real news from young.

What is fake news?

Fake news is characterised by the spread of false, often sensational information, through media companies but in particular, social media. With the power of social media today, it has accelerated the speed of the spread of fake news where in just a short period, they can reach to a large group of audiences online.

So what are some ways you can do to help your kids realise the difference?

    1. Engage in frequent small talks with your kids about daily news.

One way to help them realise the difference is to try and engage in frequent small talks with them about daily news. It may be on the way to school or maybe even during dinner. By subtly engaging in such conversations, you can find out what kind of news they know and whether they are real or fake.

    2. Encourage your kids to question and clarify before trusting any news.

Always encourage your kids to form a habit of questioning the sources of news they are reading. The source can give a crucial hint on whether they are credible or not. Educate them not to trust news so easily. After questioning the credibility, they can then come to you and clarify whether the news is real or fake.

    3. Be a role model.

Parents are powerful role models to their children. What you do will affect and influence the actions of your kids. Set an example by sharing responsibly on social media platforms. Make sure you take the first step by being extra careful of the news you share online. Make an effort to check the credibility of the news first before sharing it on your social media platforms.

Just like how you have always taught your kids to not follow strangers since young, it is now time to start instilling this mindset to the credibility of news in society today on our future generation.


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