School Plus: How we conduct our lessons

School Plus lessons

 School Plus: How we conduct our lessons

As we have mentioned before in a previous article, learning in School Plus is personalised with our proprietary patented application, Geniebook. Thus, lessons in School Plus are conducted a little differently where our educators use technology to enhance our students’ learning.

What makes our lessons in School Plus special?

  1. More visual learning in our lessons

Firstly, lessons in School Plus are conducted using a TV instead of the traditional whiteboard. Using the TV, our teachers can make use of visual imagery in their lessons. Not only can they draw or write, but also they are able to screen related videos or go to relevant websites to allow students to visualise and understand a concept or topic better. Researches have also shown that visual learning helps one to retrieve and remember information much better. (1) Thus, with a keen focus on visual education in our lessons, students here are then able to maximise their understanding and learning.

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of content

Lessons in School Plus goes in a cycle whereby our teachers will teach the general content first and then go into questions to test the students’ understanding. Students will be given master worksheets, which are broken down into sections based on concepts. By examining them based on concepts, it will accurately make sure that our students have a deeper understanding of the content taught.

  1. Focus on improving on students’ weaknesses

After our teachers have completed a topic, students then can generate personalised revision worksheets in class using Geniebook. These worksheets are made up of the past two weeks of mistakes made by each student. Like this, students are then able to learn from their past mistakes and work on the areas in which they are weaker. Our Geniebook application also consolidates each student’s errors so that students can easily access them whenever they want. Hence, this enables our students to improve faster with targeted questions by working on their weaker topics.


No doubt, our teachers in School Plus are also trained to offer useful advice to your child so that they can understand their mistakes better. While working on the questions in class, our teachers will even be walking around to give your child guidance and encouragement. Here in School Plus, we strive to offer a personalised experience for our students where they can enhance and at the same time, enjoy their learning.





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