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As parents with kids who need to go through Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) or any major examination, you would have realised that at some point, keeping them motivated and further developing their knowledge becomes a difficult thing to do. Rightfully so since they are moving through the education system of their own volition. And as they grow and begin to ponder the purpose of their studies, they might hit a wall without proper guidance.

In this article, we outline a couple of things to take note off when giving your child that push during his or her academic pursuits.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

An average child in Singapore will spend between 15 to 20 years studying and for a good duration of their childhood, will be spending at least eight hours in school every weekday. They, too, need to take a break, and letting them play is one of the many ways they can do so. It allows them to release any stress they might have accumulated while studying and gives their minds a fresh start.

But it is important that the balance between work and play is balanced well. During the school holidays, it is very easy for children to totally lose track over their playtime. While letting them relax is a good thing, too much up till the point of neglecting their studies is not. To prevent your children from being too engrossed in play, you can draw up a schedule with them that is less taxing on the mind and allows them to keep their minds active. For instance, you can get them to finish a couple of revision worksheets to help prepare them for the next term. This way, not only will your child learn to cultivate a sense of discipline by following a set plan, but he or she will also find that it is less difficult to transition back to the usual school routine.

Successes and failures can be great motivators

You will find that for children who excel in a particular subject they are good with, motivating them to keep at it is easy. But this is often not the case for subjects they are weak in and that require more attention. To boost your children’s morale, do not be afraid to give them the praise and recognition they deserve when they make the effort to try and work hard. You will soon find that your children will feel a great sense of accomplishment and recognition to continue putting in the effort.

If you find that even with constant motivation and praise, your children are not performing as well as they would have liked to, do not be disheartened. An outward expression of disappointment for your kids’ grades for major examinations can set their morale back when it comes to working even harder, especially when they have put in their best to do better but have not had their personal goals met. The next time you find that your children are upset over a lower-than-expected aggregate score, or because they are not being able to enter a school of their choice, continue encouraging and assisting them when they need your help. It is imperative that you do not let your children mull over what they are not good at, but use it as an opportunity to help better identify how they can meet their goals in the future.

In fact, you can even help them learn to accept any similar situations involving setbacks so they can learn how to face the adversities head-on while staying motivated to strive for even greater things in other aspects of their education.

Finding the motivational drive is not easy

Our educators at School Plus recognise that it is never easy as a parent, especially when it comes to helping your child find intrinsic motivation.

If you ever feel that you are in a bind as to what to do to help your kids, let us help. School Plus has gone above and beyond to keep all our students motivated in learning. We support your children by teaching them the school syllabus with the help of GenieBook, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform. This something different from what most children are exposed to, which helps in getting them excited to try out a new method of learning. We also have well-trained teachers to monitor your children’s progress and identify what works for them. Let us help you keep your children motivated in the academic space while staying ahead of the curve today.

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