We pride ourselves on our personalised learning of your child. Our curricula are designed to address each and every student’s weaknesses. Together with the teachers’ wisdom, we are able to tailor lessons that meet your child’s individual needs.

Math & Science
PSLE O Level MathPSLE Science O Level Chemistry Physics Biology

Mathematics and Science are similar subjects. Both are content-based and need your child to analyse the key concepts in questions and give exact answers. As such, we focus on fixing gaps which stop students from scoring in exams.

• Our teachers provide full concept maps to aid in visualisation of new topics.

• Our teachers find out which topics are in your child’s next school test. These topics will then be tracked with our exclusive in-house app, Geniebook. This measure allows us to teach our students what they need to know, when they need it most.

• Our students receive worksheets with various levels of difficulty. Appropriate worksheets ensure your child improves at their fastest pace.

• Our worksheets are designed to isolate and identify students’ weak areas. With the results of these worksheets, we evaluate and devise individually-targeted practices for your child.

• Our Math Teachers impart problem-solving strategies for Math Problem Sums. The teacher will train students how to identify keywords in questions – especially in word problems. This skill aids your child in using the exact method to solve a particular question.

• Our Science Teachers focus on keywords and usage in structured questions. They teach effective answering techniques to reduce marks lost to incomplete answers.

PSLE and O Level English
PSLE O Level English

English, unlike Mathematics and Science, is far less content-focused and far more skill-intensive. As such, our English programme focuses on nurturing and developing critical skills and competencies in our students, allowing them to adapt to any question or passage they are presented.

• Our teachers teach students effective planning techniques. They also drill grammar structures and vocabulary into them. These trainings help your child to excel in their Paper One (Composition) regardless of the subject matter presented.

• Our teachers train techniques to brainstorm ideas for picture-based composition using a system known as the ‘Fast Link Method’, which prepare them to work within time limitations.

• Our teachers use a broad range of visual aids in their lessons to strengthen comprehension.

• Our teachers make sure to teach your child how to listen critically and make contextual inferences based on given information, which help the student in their Listening Comprehensions.

• Our teachers correct erroneous pronunciations or difficult words that occur during oral exams, allowing them to stand out from their peers and achieve a higher score.

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