Are millennials the strawberry generation?

Millennials are strawberry generation?

Is it fair to call our millennials the strawberry generation?

The “strawberry generation” term might sound familiar to some of us.  It is a term generally used to describe the new generation where it means that they are unable to withstand social pressure and lack the resilience to overcome challenges in life. It is true that the new generation grew up in times of prosperity and comfort. However, is it true that millennials do not work hard and are unable to withstand challenges in life?

Millennials are adapting to economic trends

It may not be fair to compare the new generation to the past as times have changed. In the past, it was a period where technology was not so advanced. However, with the advancement in technology today, it has redefined the way we work exponentially. With economic trends rapidly shifting, millennials are aware that they must move ahead of times to stay competitive. Thus, compared to the hardships the older generations faced, the “strawberry generation” face different difficulties where they have to expand their knowledge and opportunities to achieve success continually.

Millennials have a clear direction in life

Given that the new generation is becoming more educated, they tend to have a clear direction in life. A survey has shown that 78% of respondents have been actively searching for learning opportunities outside of schools such as internship stints and courses to gain relevant skills for their future job. (1) Hence, most know what they want and are willing to spend time and effort to work towards their goals. They are very involved in creating their future and that they are willing to sacrifice their free time to improve themselves.

Millennials value work-life balance more

According to a global study, half of the respondents would consider giving up a well-paid and prestigious job for more work-life balance. (2) Thus, this emphasis on work-life balance may be seen by older generations as millennials not being able to take on challenges. However, valuing work-life balance does not mean that they do not work hard when they are at work.


It is time to learn that different generations have their different set of problems to solve. Growing up in times of comfort, the hardships millennials face is different, but that does not mean that they are “strawberries”. In fact, they may be more robust and stronger than we think.




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