Here’s Why Geniebook® Is The Game Changer in Personalised Learning

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School Plus uses Geniebook®, a personalised learning application that helps your child to learn more efficiently and effortlessly.

The Cons in Conventional Systems

In a traditional classroom, one teacher typically has to engage a class of 30-40 students. One of the most challenging tasks for a teacher is to cater to the wide range of students’ abilities. As such, the teacher usually delivers his lesson according to the pace of the average student. This one-size-fits-all approach is not efficient but taken out of necessity. High-ability students would find lessons too boring and would start zoning out. On the contrary, those who are struggling to keep up would find learning extremely frustrating. They are likely to eventually give up, forming a vicious cycle as their grades drop even further. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have one teacher assigned to each student after all.

Technology: Making Personalised Learning Possible

Or maybe not.

With rapid advances in IT in recent years, personalised learning may no longer be just a theoretical concept. Students in Singapore have ready access to personal communication devices that act as virtual teachers, making it possible for every student to have their very own personal teacher. In a market inundated with learning software products, it is important to distinguish gimmicks from worthy creations. A good learning software has progressive levels of difficulty based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It also offers real-life assistance as required. A personalised learning software does just that, which is to maximise your child’s potential.

How Geniebook® Comes into The Picture

1) Targeted Approach: Maximising Efficiency

Unlike the usual practice, where your child has to complete entire test papers and assessment books, Geniebook® sorts practice questions based on concepts. Thus it is easy to assess the topic your child is not performing well in. Your child would therefore be practising more questions from that topic while spending less time on topics which he is already proficient in. This is much more efficient than simply spending equal portions of time in each domain irrespective of your child’s relative abilities.

2) Progressive Learning

Geniebook® has a whopping 80,000 questions sorted into 4 progressive levels of difficulty. Hence it is suitable for students of all levels of ability. As he masters the basic levels, he can advance to higher levels so there will always be room to do better.

3) Real-life Assistance

Geniebook® allows our teachers to give feedback to your child over the internet. Our teachers have already carefully worked out solutions for every question on it. If your child still fails to understand it, he can feel free to consult our teachers who are just a click away.

Your child no longer needs to spend all his time labouring over heaps of assessment books. Just as technology has become essential in the other areas of our lives, learning using technology has also become more productive than before. Geniebook®, with its innovative technology and real-life support, allows your child to learn effortlessly while enjoying his childhood.

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