Preparing for Primary 1 Registration

primary 1 registration

The annual Primary 1 Registration for the 2019 cohort is starting on the 28th of June. As we all know, parents want the best for their kids. Hence, some are willing to go to great lengths to enrol their kids into their desired school. To secure a place for their kids, we hear some apply to be parent volunteers while others even resort to moving house to be in proximity of the desired school. To prepare for the upcoming Primary 1 Registration, here are some important points to take note:

Bring the necessary documents

We understand that the Primary 1 Registration may be nerve-wracking for some parents. However, it is of utmost importance that you stay composed and not forget the necessary documents needed for registration. You do not want to leave out one of the papers during the registration day. Prepare all the required documents the night before to avoid any unwanted chaos at home on the day of the registration.

Take note of the phase you belong to

Different phases have different dates for registration. It is vital that you know which phase you belong to so that you do not miss on the critical dates for registration.

See which phase you can register for here

Research the best primary school choice for your child

Finding a good match for your kid is crucial as they will be spending 6 important years of education in this school. It is important for your kid to enjoy learning at the school you choose for them. While reviews online may be able to give you an idea of the school’s culture and learning environment, going down personally to take a look at the schools will provide you with a better idea.

Here is a list of open house dates for you to take note

Do also take note that from this year onwards, MOE has replaced manual balloting with online balloting. If your choice of school requires balloting, you can do it online without having to go down personally to the schools.

The Primary 1 Registration process can be very stressful. We hope that with the tips we’ve provided, your registration process will be an easier one. We wish you all the best!


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