Preparing for SA1 Science


This post is on preparation for the SA1 Science paper, as part of a series of blog posts containing advice for taking on the upcoming SA1 examination by our very own teachers.

Exam Strategies for the Science Paper

Flipping through the textbook isn’t sufficient. Being exam-smart will make you go a long way. Becoming aware of exam strategies helps you to understand questions and know how to tackle them.

Use Keywords

When studying a science topic, be familiarised with that topic’s keywords. Identifying keywords in your question will help you to score the mark. It is a great idea to keep a list of keywords for each topic.

Identify the Relevant Topic and Concept

Determine what topic or concept the question is relating to. This would help you in analysing the question and knowing what sort of answer is probably required.

Get the Diagrams Right

Tables and graphs are inseparable with the study of science. You need to know the difference between changed (independent) and measured (dependent) variables, as well as determining trends from the data provided.

MCQ: Elimination Method

When attempting Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ), strike out obviously incorrect options to narrow down the choices. This prevents you from carelessly filling in the incorrect option as the answer.

Note the Marks Awarded to Each Question

The marks assigned to each structured question is a useful indicator for the length of answer required.

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