P4 Topic Map: Life Cycles


Why using Topic Map to teach increases your child’s topical understanding?

Topic Map is a highly effective visual aid to help students visualise concepts and understand the connections between the main points effectively. Illustration of the concept at one glance greatly reduces the time taken for your child to master the topic.

How do you use the Topic Map to help your child?


Animal Life Cyclecrop

Each branch contains one keyword which is branched out to a few sub-points that elaborate or describe the main point. Every branch should be read starting from the inside in order to understand what it really means.

  1. Start on the branch labelled as “Stages”, moving on to “Lay Egg”, “Fertilisation”, and lastly “Give Birth”. This will give your child an overview of all the stages of Life Cycles and followed by the elaboration of each concept
  2. Elaborate on each branch by giving examples to reinforce the understanding of the concept

Animal Life Cycle crop2Download the full Topic Map here.

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