Importance of developing public speaking skills

public speaking

Importance of developing public speaking skills from young

Ever get the butterflies in the stomach feeling when asked to deliver a presentation in front of a crowd?  You are not alone. The fear of public speaking tops the list of the things we fear the most. The fear of making mistakes, getting embarrassed and getting judged by people is what makes one scared of public speaking.

However, public speaking is an essential skill needed in the workforce. Being a confident speaker allows you to have the ability to engage your audience and even build credibility. Hence, developing public speaking skills from young is essential to let your child overcome their fears early and turn them into confident speakers. Here are some ways to turn your child into confident speakers.

Allow your child to be involved in any discussions at home

When having family discussions at home, ensure that your child stays involved. Encourage them to voice out their opinions in your discussions. Be it small discussions like what do you want for dinner tonight or what do you want to do during the weekends. When your child actively shares their opinions, this will help them learn how to participate in conversations which will improve their communication skills.

Encourage your child to socialise

The more your child socialises, the more opportunities they will have to improve their communication skills. Thus, expose your child to meet more friends of similar age groups. Through socialising with their friends, your child will get more comfortable to talk to others. Such a practice will allow them to be able to convey better what they want to say and learn that it is essential to listen to others at times as well.

Teach your child to maintain eye contact when they speak

Body language is essential in public speaking. Eye contact is especially important as it helps establish rapport with your audience. It also displays one’s confidence. Hence, it is essential to teach your child from young that it is polite to maintain eye contact when they talk to people. Like this, they will then develop the habit of keeping eye contact.


Being able to speak confidently and persuasively in front of a crowd is a crucial skill. However, it is also a skill that has been neglected in our education system. Thus, you can play your part by helping your child to develop public speaking skills from young.



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