How to Encourage Your Kids to Revise During The Holidays

revise during the holidays

Although holidays are meant for one to take a break and relax, it is essential to know that holidays are also the best time for your child to catch up on what they are weak at or even be ahead of their peers. It will be easier for them to follow the class when school starts if they revise during the holidays. However, we understand that it may not be a simple task to get them to either study or revise during the holidays.

So, here are some ways to encourage your child to revise during the holidays:

Help them be motivated

Try not to force studying on them as this may make them resent studying. Instead, offer your child a rationale for motivation. One way can be to help them understand the importance and the benefits of revising during the holidays.

Build discipline

Create a schedule for them to follow, including break times where they are allowed to do the things they enjoy. It can be watching their favourite TV shows or even playing their favourite video games. Through this way, they will be motivated to follow the schedule to enjoy their break time. It might prove beneficial if the child is included in the creation of the schedule as it gives them a sense of responsibility and would result in them feeling motivated.

Give them support

Support is essential in helping to boost your child’s morale. Be there with your child to help and give them moral support. Try not to provide them with pressure but instead, provide them with positive words of encouragement. One way can be to emphasise their efforts where research has shown that praising children for their effort and small achievements make them more willing to take on challenges. (1)

However, it is also important to know that the amount of hours your child spends studying does not define their productivity. Hence, it is essential for you to understand your child’s learning style as different children have different ways of learning.


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