Should I buy an iPhone for my child? He scored well in SA2.


In the past weeks, the SA2 results were released. Perhaps you often resort to alluring rewards to motivate your child to perform well. Such a method can be undoubtedly effective as children put in more effort to score well and obtain the rewards they long after. While material rewards are indeed a good form of encouragement, they must be used sparingly. After all, learning should not become contractual. Learning is about self-improvement, rather than an exchange for tangible gains. Moreover, having a tangible reward tied to good results places a lot of importance on scoring well. If your child does not meet the requirements, he will think that he is unable to reach parental expectations.

The Benefits of Rewards

A reward system is helpful in driving children to do well. They often lack intrinsic motivation and discipline in studying. Children mostly loathe studying as it is hard work to them. They do not see the value of academic achievement as parent would. They are also easily distracted and have short attention spans. Therefore it is understandable if you promise your child benefits for good results so that he would be more serious and put more effort into his studies. It would otherwise be extremely exhausting to have to repeatedly nag at and force him to study harder. Furthermore, by rewarding him when he achieves good results, your child is likely to take a more positive view of his studies and strive to do even better in the next examination.

Caution in Using Rewards

However, caution must be taken not to cause your child to over-value good examination results. Rewards provide a strong positive affirmation of noteworthy academic achievement. This raises the value of academic achievement in the eye of your child as he seeks to meet parental demands. If he performs poorly in the examinations, this may cause him to experience a sense of failure. Hence it is necessary to still provide positive affirmation. It could take the form of verbal encouragement or taking your child out for a good meal. After all, what is important is that the child did try.Asian boys studio shot

Going Beyond Rewards

In the case where your child did well and met expectations, it is crucial that he is reminded that material rewards are not the sole end of learning. Ultimately, a reward system is not a sustainable method for ensuring continual academic success. Learning should be a habit, one that must be inculcated. Material rewards should rightfully be a way to encourage and affirm, rather than all that is to studying. It is crucial to find ways to make learning interesting so that your child would actually enjoy learning, or at the very least not detest it.

iPhone For Good Grades?

The SA2 results are probably already out for your child. Maybe you would be shelling out a little fortune for that iPhone 7 you promised your child. Or perhaps you are reviewing how to improve your child’s grades for next year. No matter what, remember to give your child a hug.

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