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We live in a world where technology takes up a large part of our lives. As technology becomes more advanced, there have been numerous debates about the benefits of technology to us. However, there is no doubt that technology plays a huge role in education. At School Plus, that is what we do – incorporating technology into our lessons.

At School Plus, our lessons are conducted using our proprietary application, Geniebook. As different students have their unique set of weaknesses, Geniebook helps weave out these weaknesses and generate corresponding worksheets based on the mistakes they had previously made. In other words, with Geniebook, learning at School Plus is personalised.

How does personalised learning benefit our students?:

Students can learn at their  speed

In traditional classrooms, some students may struggle to follow the class as the pace may be too fast for them. While on the contrary, some may get bored if the speed of the class is too slow for them. These situations will not happen at School Plus. At School Plus, we provide personalised learning where we take into account each student’s learning needs and abilities. In this way, our students can learn at their speed, thereby making full use of their time in learning. Such learning would allow them to participate more actively in class and hence maximise their full potential.

Teachers can develop positive relationships with students

With Geniebook doing the job of generating the worksheets, this helps save time for our teachers. Thus, our teachers have more time to focus on their students, which helps to build a stronger teacher-student relationship. Such relationship is vital in having a long-lasting impact on the students’ lives – both academically and socially. At School Plus, our teachers maintain a close relationship with their students, and this is one of the reasons why our students look forward to classes so much.

Parents can work together with us

Also at School Plus, we work together with you to make sure that you are involved in your child’s learning. With Geniebook, we have an application for you to monitor your child’s progress. You get to find out what they are doing in class and also their areas of weaknesses. Furthermore, you would also be able to assign worksheets for your child as additional practice based on their weak topics. In this way, you can then take a more active role in supplementing your child’s learning at home.

Here at School Plus, we believe that every child is unique. Times are changing, and by incorporating technology into our classes, we can then bring out the maximum potential of our students.


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