The Science Behind Customized Learning

customized learning

What is Customized Learning?

Kids learn in different ways and at different paces. Customized learning is a teaching model based on that premise. Each student gets a “learning plan” based on how he learns, what he knows, and what his skills and interests are. It’s the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach used in most schools.

Students work with their teachers to set both short-term and long-term goals. This process helps students take ownership of their learning.

Customized Learning is a learning model where students have the choice to determine when, where, and how they learn based on their needs, interests, and talents.

Customized learning broadens the ideas of student-focused and personalized learning by putting students, and guardians, responsible for choosing when, where, and how learning will happen.

Connections are at the focal point of the customized model. Notwithstanding educating and surveying student work, it’s the duty of each School Plus educator to create significant associations with students to guarantee that students meet the objectives of their customized learning plan.

Customizing Learning to Empower Every Student

In order to provide all students with rigorous and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them for college and career, we strive to continually develop advanced customized learning instructional solutions. Customized learning requires that students and teachers collaborate to determine learning needs, plan, and design, while emphasizing the role of student voice and purposeful technology. Our digital learning solutions harness the power of learning science to make customized instruction accessible and transformative for every student.

The model allows us at School Plus to use data and technology to enhance learning within the classroom, deepen relationships with our students, and empower our pupils to recognize their impact on a classroom community, all while creating personalized pathways for success.

Personalizing learning builds a strong classroom culture in which learning targets are transparent, environments are flexible, and instruction is tailored to meet each student

Our teachers can get to know their students in a way that they never have before, building relationships that empower students to own their learning.

Personalized learning requires our educators to develop cultural competency and get to know our students: What are their interests? When, where, and how do they learn best? When our teachers know our students well, they can help students better know themselves and become agents of their own learning.

Our teachers also know our students better than anyone else in school, and better than any computer, so they’re ones who must thoughtfully shape the right experience for our pupils.

We use technology to manage the complex personalized lessons. With these patented systems, our teachers track and produce improvement for your child’s exams.

Our students are excited about personalized learning for these reasons:

  • Students have a say in their learning.
  • The individual needs of each student are met, so each student is successful.
  • Students have a clear understanding of their learning goals and know how to achieve them.
  • Students get to make choices about how they “show what they know.”
  • Students get the support they need when they are challenged or need help with new concepts.
  • Students get the encouragement they need when they are ready to move forward.

Customized learning can also give students the chance to build self-advocacy skills. It encourages them to speak up about what interests them. It also allows them to be equal partners in their learning experience.

A personalized learning path allows a student to work on different skills at different paces. But that doesn’t mean the school will let him fall far behind in any area. Teachers closely monitor each student and provide extra support as needed.

Having students learn at their own pace, and in their preferred way has never been about simply letting students do whatever they want. Good Customized Learning takes skilled guidance, direction, and coaching from thoughtful teachers. But that coaching and guidance does require a climate where students are used to sharing their ideas, thoughts, and questions, and where they are getting better at making some of their own decisions.

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