School Plus Sitemap
January 2019
Keeping Your Child Motivated with School Plus
December 2018
Getting your child excited for the new school yearIt's never too early to start planning for your child's successSchool Plus Enables Smart Kids for A Smart Nation
November 2018
The Science Behind Customized LearningWhy is mathematics important and how School Plus makes it easy to learnSupporting Your Child In Secondary School Academically and Socially After PSLE
October 2018
Taking the Leap Forward After Secondary SchoolWhat Is the Current State of Artificial Intelligence in Education?How Much Internet Exposure Should You Permit Your Child?Tween-age DreamWill A.I. Replace Teachers in the Future?
September 2018
Importance of developing public speaking skillsHow Singapore May Progress in A.I. for EducationHow to minimise careless mistakes
August 2018
School Plus: How we conduct our lessonsAre millennials the strawberry generation?How to teach your child to have empathyDeveloping Mental Health at Home
July 2018
Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time On Your ChildImportance of Playing Sports For Your ChildHow Can Natural Language Processing (NLP) Help to Automate Commenting on Student's Work?Cashless Society - What digital payments mean for our kids?How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can Help Teachers Identify At-Risk StudentsSchool Plus: Personalised Learning for your childHow Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can Help You As A Teacher
June 2018
Is Failure Good For Your Kids?How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can Help You As A ParentPreparing for Primary 1 RegistrationDeveloping Curiosity In Your ChildSurprising Benefits of Family Dinner TalkHow to Encourage Your Kids to Revise During The HolidaysFun and Educational Activities for Your Kids this June Holidays
May 2018
Preparing For Your Parent Teacher MeetingHow to Encourage a Reluctant Child to WriteWhy Do Children Need Quiet Time?Top 5 Brain Foods to Give Your Child a Week Before Their Exams
April 2018
Can Comic Books be Good for Children?How Music Benefits Child DevelopmentWant to Improve School Performance? Have Healthy Sleep HabitsDevelopment of Social Skills in Children (With Examples)
March 2018
How To Teach Your Kids To Spot Fake NewsImportance of Teamwork from Young (With Tips)Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Mindfulness
February 2018
Love, What Your Child Needs to KnowTypes of Learning Styles and How to Identify ThemHow to Improve Your Child's Vocabulary
January 2018
Creating a Positive Learning Environment at Home5 Effective Ways to Encourage Creative ThinkingFostering Good Study Habits in Your KidsTips on How Students Can Manage Their Time Wisely
December 2017
7 Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits in ChildrenPreparing for the First Day of SchoolCurriculum Changes from Primary to Secondary SchoolHow to Get Your Child Interested in Learning ScienceFun Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Singapore
November 2017
The Right Fit: Choosing a Secondary School2017 PSLE Results and Secondary 1 Posting Results Release DatesHow to Cope with Your Child's Poor Performance in ExamsPost-Exams Activities to Enjoy with Your Child
October 2017
5 Tips to Improve Your Child's MemorySupporting Your Child Through Exam Stress
September 2017
Boosting Your Child's Academic PerformanceHow to Stay Focused During RevisionIs there a better way to revise for SA2?
August 2017
Teaching Your Kids to be Environmentally Friendly5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Read
July 2017
Your Humble Servant.Honours Student: Dylan Lee, O LevelsHonours Student: Natthanon Tan, O Levels
June 2017
10 Questions in 10 Seconds – What We Do That Others Can’tFidget Spinners: Good or Bad For Your Child?
May 2017
Fun Math Activities to Engage your Child in This June HolidaysStaying Connected With Your Child10 Tips to Boost Your Child's Attention Span and Focus
April 2017
Preparing for SA1 MathMerging Schools in 2019 - What it Means to You?Preparing for SA1 SciencePreparing for SA1 English5 Hacks to Excel in The Exams
March 2017
Here's Why Geniebook® Is The Game Changer in Personalised LearningHow to Navigate Through The Changes of Math Syllabus 2017Tackling The Changes of PSLE Science 2017Changes to PSLE Science Syllabus 2019
February 2017
PSLE Primary Math Syllabus Changes to Look Out For in 2019Avoid These Characteristics of Being An Overly Demanding ParentIs Sending Your Child to Enrichment Classes All That Bad?
January 2017
Common Challenges Students Encounter in Their StudiesHonours Student: Lau Yun Heng, Primary 4
December 2016
3 Simple Ways for Surviving Primary SchoolHonours Student: Jessica Cai, Primary 6The Winning Dynamics of Singapore's Education System5 Signs Your Child is Overwhelmed This HolidayHonours Student: Nigel Tan, Primary 6
November 2016
How to Improve Your Child's English This Holiday?Honours Student: Kimberly Goh, Secondary 3Should I buy an iPhone for my child? He scored well in SA2.Can Parents Resist The Paper Chase?
September 2016
P5 SA2 Revision Worksheet #3P4 SA2 Revision Worksheet #33 Effective SA2 Math Revision Tips To Improve FastP5 SA2 Revision Worksheet #2P4 SA2 Revision Worksheet #2P3 SA2 Revision Worksheet #2Common Revision Mistakes To Avoid for SA2P5 SA2 Revision Worksheet #1P4 SA2 Revision Worksheet #1P3 SA2 Revision Worksheet #1
August 2016
Why Should Parents Avoid Comparing Results?This Pokémon GO Worksheet Can Help Your Child Improve In Primary Math“Children, not Chewdren” 10 + 1 words to watch out for in English Oral ExamsHow to Use News to Improve Your Child's Learning?Do You Let Your Child Be Your Teacher?
July 2016
How to Compare and Choose the Best Tuition CentrePrepare for the new PSLE 2021 - What Parents can do NowWhat does the new PSLE Scoring mean to parents?How to Stop Quick and Simple Mistakes about HomeworkHow to Master 3 Simple Yet Useful P4 Math Strategies Quickly
June 2016
Prepare for the New Term: What Every Parent Should Know4 Things Our Teachers Learned after Leaving MOE Schools5 Tips to Enrich Your Child's June HolidaysImprove Exam with Smart Assessments, Geniebook®P4 Topic Map: Life CyclesP6 Worksheet: Top 10 SA1 Science Common Mistakes
May 2016
How Technology is Improving Your Child's EducationP5 Worksheet: Top 10 SA1 Science Common Mistakes3 Ways Technology can Facilitate Self-Study3 Methods of Parent-Child Communication to AvoidP5 Topic Map: Area of a TriangleNurturing Good Learning Attitude as A Role Model23 Inspirational Messages You can Send Your Child
April 2016
3 Under-Utilised Preparation Strategies for SA1 ExamHow Parents can Solve the Mystery of PSLE MathP6 Topic Map: AlgebraHow to Balance Work and Kids: 4 Helpful Pointers
March 2016
What does Your Child Need to Self-Study?
February 2016
Geniebook - 12 Practice Questions on EnergyGeniebook - 15 Math Questions to Practice for CA14 Key Considerations when Deciding whether to Tutor Your ChildWhat are the Pros and Cons of Conventional Schooling in Singapore?
January 2016
Does Your Child Really Need Tuition?
December 2015
The Real Reason We Send Our Children to Tuition