Love, What Your Child Needs to Know

Teach your child how to show love


Academics are important. However, parents at times forget to educate children on the importance of being kind to others. Children learn a lot through observing adults around them. Here are a few ways to show the love that you can teach your kids.

Demonstrate Empathy

Being able to see the world from another person’s viewpoint is extremely important to build kindness. Encourage children to think about how another person may feel in a situation. If a busy salesperson is struggling to attend to you, continue being polite to them. It creates an opportunity to ask your children about the feelings of the salesperson. In a classroom setting, think about how a classmate may feel when he fails a test. Talk to your child on what they could do for that classmate. Demonstrating empathy is a crucial way to show love.

Be Consistent with Your Actions

Children are always observing your behaviour. Hence, it is essential to be consistent in the ways you show love. Not being consistent can be confusing to your child. An example of an inconsistent behaviour is telling your child to be kind to service staff. However, when you are in a bad mood, you get impatient. Apologise to the person involved and explain your mistake to your child.

Give Compliments

Make it a family habit of praising or thanking one another. You can compliment your child’s academic improvement or positive attitude towards learning. Another example is thanking your partner for cooking dinner after a long day at work.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to show love. It teaches children about empathy and caring about others. Discuss with your children how and why they should help others who are less fortunate. Singapore has numerous volunteer opportunities for both the young and old. Volunteering does not necessarily mean long-term commitment. is an excellent website for ad-hoc volunteering opportunities. Such a platform would go a long way in educating children.

Be Accepting of Differences

Other ways to show love is respect and acceptance. Your child may not encounter people with exceptional needs- the mentally and physically challenged- very often.  Look for opportunities where you can talk to your children about being kind to people who may be different from them.

I Love You

These three simple words is a universal way to show love. You don’t need a special occasion to say them to your children and partner. Saying it aloud may make one feel uncomfortable. As such, writing a short note or giving a hug before leaving the house would suffice.

Compassion, kindness and empathy can be taught and nurtured from a young age. You would be able to create a warm environment through your actions.

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