The Real Reason We Send Our Children to Tuition


Let’s face it. We send our children to tuition or enrichment is so that they score A in the exams.

However, the real question is not why we send them for tuition, but why do we want them to excel in exams?

It could be we are afraid to lose; we want our children to secure well-paying jobs or simply help them enter a better school.

There could be other reasons, but are the reasons good enough to make our children and ourselves experience so much more inconvenience and stress? We have to ferry them around between classes, juggle the already-full schedule and manage the piling homework among a myriad of endless tasks.

If you are like many parents, you will realise most of these reasons are insufficient to motivate us for such prolonged and intense period of time. But amidst all the superficial reasons, there is an unwavering desire in us.

The desire to give our children the power of choice

So they can choose whether they want to go to RI, RGS, SCGS, SJI or simply a school nearby.
To choose whether they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a politician or a magician.
And to give them the power of choice that many of us did not when we were at their age.

And we don’t always have to decide for them. They can choose for themselves. We will even gladly hand the decision-maker role over when they come of age. Because deep down inside, all we want, as parents, is to provide the best possible options for our children. And it is this desire that spurs us to sacrifice so much for them.

To give everything we have and will have so that they can lead a better life. A better life by having the power of choice. That is the real reason why we send our precious children for tuition.

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