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Geniebook is an online assessment book that intelligently adapts to students’ careless mistakes.

In the last two articles in this series, we have mentioned the usage of our proprietary in-house application, Geniebook, as a tool for enhancing self-study in addition to serving as a great enabler for supervised learning. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of Geniebook’s functions and elaborate on how it can be used to enhance your child’s learning.


Geniebook’s functions can be divided into two spheres: its administrative functions and its student-enabling functions.


The application’s administrative functions allow the parent of the child to keep track of their child’s progress and weak areas. This serves as an enabler for the parent to take a more active role in the child’s education by tracking their child’s improvement over time. Parents can then make use of this information by either relaying it to the child’s teachers, or by taking it upon themselves to teach the child, supplementing the child’s revision in areas where the improvement might be lagging.


Geniebook further allows parents to assign worksheets to their child, which will be generated automatically based on their weak areas, enabling even the busy parent to play an active role in facilitating their child’s academic improvement.


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The other sphere of Geniebook’s functions encompasses its student-enabling functions. Students are able to view their own progress in various topics over a specified time window, represented by a graph showing variations in score for questions which contain specified concepts.


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This visual record allows them to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to see their levels of improvement in a visible, understandable form, serving as encouragement for them to keep improving.


In addition to keeping track of their improvement and progress, the application also contains certain functions designed to help foster further progress. Chief among these is the Genie worksheet function. Twice a day, just by clicking a button, students can generate full worksheets that intelligently draw questions from their three weakest concepts, as determined by their topical scores. This allows for the students to easily and efficiently work on practices that target the areas in which they require more revision, in turn streamlining the revision process.


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One large hurdle which obstructs the act of self-study is the difficulty of sourcing out materials to use for revision and practice. Geniebook is designed to eliminate this difficulty, allowing students to spend more time practicing, and less time searching for worksheets to practice on.


In the event that the student wishes to work on topics other than those they are statistically weakest in, it is also possible to select up to three different concepts and generate a worksheet based on those instead. This is particularly helpful if the student knows they will be taking a test soon which covers specific topics, and generates targeted worksheets accordingly.


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The application further allows for students to track and revisit their mistakes. Their mistakes are recorded and can be accessed to review the question and the incorrect answer, accompanied by the correct answer and an in-depth explanation written by a teacher. This allows the student to promptly identify the gaps in their conceptual understanding or reasoning processes, which then allows them to improve at a greater speed.


By providing students the ability to track and therefore take ownership of their academic improvement, Geniebook allows students to turn learning into a self-directed process, enabling them to learn at a pace which is optimal for their individual needs.


Geniebook provides a myriad of tools both for enhancing self-study and for enabling a more efficient form of supervised revision. If the potential of these tools are effectively maximised, Geniebook will certainly provide an enriched, enhanced learning experience.


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