Post-Exams Activities to Enjoy with Your Child

Post-exams activities

After months of flipping textbooks, memorising, practising and hearing the endless tirades of teachers and parents, the exams are finally over. Is there any guarantee of fruition for the months of tireless effort? The answer is not so simple but the advice is, you have done your best. Having positive thoughts is the key, everything else will fall into place. With new-found freedom and holidays fast approaching, it is normal to feel at a loss of what to do. Here are some snippets of advice and activities you can carry out during your free time while learning and bonding with family.

Do Not Dwell on Your Performance

Most of us have had that experience of recollecting questions and answers upon exiting the exams hall or classroom. This is followed by thoughts that we could have answered better. Further discussion with our peers just intensifies our anxiety. Take the simple advice – do not dwell on what has been done. The exams are OVER and reality tells you that we cannot undo what has been done. Take that carefree plunge into the holidays for you are no longer in the confines of the academic environment. It is time to explore and develop other aspects of life.

Travel Overseas

Overseas travel is a favourite mode of relaxation. There is no necessity to embark on an expensive holiday to far away regions such as Europe or the Americas. There are destinations within the region that offer tranquil beaches, lush greenery, sumptuous food and no studying. Get drenched in the knowledge and experience of other cultures. Whilst at this, enjoy the company of your loved ones. Time spent with close friends and family is precious, a luxury we can ill-afford in the rat-race, so take this opportunity and have fun.

Explore Singapore

There are many family-friendly places in Singapore, and not just shopping malls. For those who want to get closer to nature (and fit in some physical exercise), why not explore the beautiful nature reserves, trails and parks that our island has to offer? Take a boat to offshore islands like Pulau Ubin or Coney Island for a taste of the kampung life that is unfamiliar to children today. If the weather gets too much to handle, head indoors to the Science Centre or the National Museum for an educational outing while getting some respite from the heat or rain. Here’s a bonus: entry to certain museums is free.

Pick Up a New Skill or Hobby

The daily grind of the school year would have relegated all hobbies and passions. Non-academic pursuits would have taken a backseat, well it is time to wipe off the dust and revisit these pursuits with gusto. There are many activities that await your involvement. May it be sports, music, entertainment or the performing arts. Your participation is required. Holistic development is essential and now you can afford the time to ensure that you progress in the other areas of life that will set you apart from the rest.


Volunteering gives you the first-hand experience of helping others in need. It also provides you with an opportunity to connect with people whom you may not interact with regularly. Check with your community centre for a list of volunteering opportunities suitable for you. You can also access to search for ad-hoc volunteering opportunities based on your suitability.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all parents and children, the books do not want your attention during this short period. A well-deserved and fulfilling break awaits. Grab the opportunity and embark on this hiatus from academia. Enjoy yourself. We bid you, not a farewell but fare well and see you soon.

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